There aren’t any words. Where would I even start? I feel so empty without my son inside me. I miss feeling his kicks. He was so active all the time, and now there’s nothing. I hurt to hold him, but my arms are empty. All that’s left are pictures and memories and tears. I want my life back–but the life I want back stopped existing the moment we found out he wasn’t staying. I feel like the world itself stopped existing–but I look out the window and the sun is still shining. I turn on the television and see life going on. It is maddening and it is comforting. People walk by our house and smile and wave, and I smile and wave back. But I want to scream at them that our son is gone. I want to talk to people but I don’t want to say any of the words it would take. Who am I now, if I’m not a glowing mother to be? What is my life for, if I’m not living for him?