I can’t be sad. I was the top seller in my district two days ago. I worked yesterday morning, then ran errands, came home and cleaned the house, made vegetable soup and bread from scratch, ironed your Daddy’s clothes for tomorrow, spent some time with both your grandmothers.

I can’t be sad. I slept in today, woke up with the cat sprawled across me, purring for all she’s worth. The sky is almost perfectly clear, the kind your Daddy always calls a bluebird sky. The trees are fully committed to putting on their fall colors, and the air is crisp and clear and cool.

I can’t be sad. We have enough money to pay all our bills, and some extra this month so both your Daddy’s new speakers and my new cell phone are arriving tomorrow.

I can’t be sad. I have the next two days off.

I can’t be sad.

I can’t be sad.

I can’t be sad.

I’m too tired to be sad.

Too tired from not being sad.