Mommy and Daddy got swine flu.

That? Sucked. It’s the first thing I’m not sorry you missed. It feels like being the butt of a cosmic joke, because we were exposed to the virus over the weekend of your memorial. That stings. Especially since I got the H1N1 vaccination two weeks before that–shortlisted because I was listed as pregnant. Didn’t do me much good, unless it made the sickness milder.

It was rather nice having such an extended period of time off (five days, two workdays after taking six days). But that has sting in it too; I should be on maternity leave. Generally speaking, I like my job–at times I even love it. But the holidays are rough at work, and I was so excited that I could spend an entire holiday season–my favorite time of the year–free of work.

But instead I just got home from the holiday meeting. I’m worried that I won’t get enough sleep before I go back tomorrow. And several people are irritated with me that I completely messed up the schedule for everyone else by missing work. Right now, everything feels unfair.

I miss you.