I saw a baby that looked like I’d picture you at about 10 months. You wouldn’t be that age yet, but it’s my emotional projecting, so to hell with it. It was hard for a few minutes. That doesn’t happen much these days. It made me reflective for a few hours.

It’s funny. The babies I see that remind me of you often don’t look much like you at all. And if I want to essentially see pictures of what you would have looked like, all I have to do is look at pictures of your dad. It’s still startling, how very much you looked like your father. It seems like, as early as you were, you should have looked more…I don’t know, generic, I guess. But there it was–his face, his brow, his nose, his upper lip. But definitely my lower lip. The only thing we’ll never know about are your eyes. Maybe that’s why it’s the eyes of the babies I see that make me think of you.