More new babies, and none for us yet. Now there’s a new baby cousin, and today I got to hear all about the new baby somebody’s wife is laboring with now.


And on top of it, somebody misunderstood my facebook post welcoming the new cousin and thought it was our baby, and congratulated me.

I am so burned out from a week of this. And still, I’m putting forth the effort to make sure my coworker’s new-baby card gets signed by absolutely every single customer who might possibly want to sign it. Why? I don’t know, because what I really want to do right now is break things and yell a lot.

My three-day weekend should help. Unless all the babies (and probably pregnant bellies) at the gathering we’re going to this weekend makes it worse.

Don’t really know how to deal with this. I’m just done with babies right now. At least, with other people’s.