You would not believe how many killer fetus movies there are on Netflix. Really, I was not aware that this was an entire subgenre of horror. But here we are sitting down to the 2008 film (I use the term “film” loosely) It’s Alive. So far it’s about a woman who was six months pregnant when she took part in some kind of science-y study and her baby became full term literally in one day and was born. I’m gathering that he’s aging at an unnaturally fast rate, the more of the movie I watch. At any rate, the upshot is the baby killed all the doctors in the delivery room.

Have these people ever seen any kind of baby, ever?

Also in the queue is It’s Alive from 1974 (another killer newborn), Pro-Life (a killer aborted fetus), and Dumpster Baby, which I can’t quite figure out what the hell it’s about. Don’t know what the grief counselors would say about our killer-fetus film-festival, but Daddy and I both find this funny as hell. Of course, the day we had the second miscarriage, we watched Rosemary’s Baby (woman gives birth to Satan’s baby) in honor of the occasion.

Guess I’m a little dark tonight. But not in a bad way. Just in a cheesy-horror-movie kind of way. I’m feeling gleefully defiant in watching these truly absurd flicks.

(Seriously, movie? Seriously?)

(Late Edit: there are two sequels to the original It’s Alive! I can hardly wait!)